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First try restarting your device, Then call us


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Security Tips: How to Stay Out of Trouble

  1. Do not open email attachments from unknown senders, especially ones claiming you have a package shipment issue, tax issues (IRS, CRA), fines, etc. Usually, these notices are sent in the mail.
  2. Do not insert random flash drives into your computer, especially if found in a parking lot or given away for free. Hackers use this method to target employees and gain access to sensitive company data.
  3. Use an ad blocker to block advertisements on the web. Many websites use an ad network to show ads on their websites and there have been cases where bad advertisements infect computers just by seeing the ad, no clicking required.
  4. Do not trust security alerts from unknown sources including pop-ups/prompts on website, emails, or even phone calls. The only trustworthy source or security alerts are from the security software installed on your computers and known IT professionals.
  5. If your computer is infected and held for ransom (Ransomware virus), it may ask for payment via “bitcoins” or other methods such as gift cards. DO NOT pay hackers except as a last resort after computer professionals have exhausted all methods available. In many cases, your data can be unlocked or recovered. Regular backups greatly contribute to mitigating ransomware

Tips & Tricks

  1. Shutting down and restarting your computer fixes 90-95% of most common computer problems.
  2. Backup your data. Store it off-site.
  3. Update any and all of your software. Most software companies offer free updates.
  4. The best things in life are free. That includes good software.
  5. Use a firewall and antivirus. Turn it on.
  6. Do not open emails you are not expecting. Do not reply to unexpected emails. You will get more junk emails that way.
  7. Beware of installing software you do not understand. Always read the license agreement before you click "I agree".
  8. Don't be a pirate. Pay for good software. That guarantees the people who worked hard to bring you a good product are properly compensated and continue to produce good products.
  9. Never put unnecessary hardware or software on your computer. Doing that just slows it down.
  10. If all else fails, call Blue Screen for help.