"I guess we all have to go back to work now..."

- Satisfied Customer

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Working with Blue Screen Computer Services has ensured that our computer network has minimal downtime and operates safely, free of viruses and external intruders. They’ve helped us transition to an in-house email server, provided support in designing our website and ensure that our information is backed up and secure. They respond promptly to our requests for service and are always pleasant to work with. Blue Screen presents and educates us on best practices to keep our system safe, such as what to look out for with emails and how to deal with issues. One of the things I appreciate most, is that they always have SCG’s system stability in mind when working on our behalf with other service providers. Countless times, they have averted system malfunctions by insisting on proper documentation and testing prior to implementing software or hardware changes.

  • Virus Protection
  • Corporate Website Design
  • Network Security
  • Email Server Install and Maintenance

Christine N., Office Manager, SCG Inc.

Having been hacked and experiencing online fraud just two months before, where the perpetrators stole my identity and siphoned funds from my bank accounts, I was wary of the dangers of an unsecure network. Ian Dun was professional and knowledgeable. He set up and locked down my home network, he installed my wireless router system and printer, and finally provided me with tips and pointers that I should follow in order to eliminate hackers in the future. When it comes down to dealing with your valuable electronic or online assets, there is absolutely no substitute for feeling secure and safe.

  • Identity Theft Recovery
  • Internet Security Analysis
  • Wireless Network Setup
  • Hardware Install

D. Ara. - President and CEO, Box Ventures

Ian has attended to my computer needs for the past 8 years. He has sold me two computers based on my needs. The quality components he has insisted on using, have preformed well. During that time he has resolved several computer related problems, and has provided thoughtful advice on upgrades and timely computer information.

  • Personalized PC
  • Software Upgrades
  • Hardware repairs

R.L. McKay, P.Eng

My brand new hard drive crashed and burned after using it about 5 times. I had pictures and files on it that I needed badly. I went to computer shops they gave me back my drive and said they couldn't get it to work. I didn't want to send it to the states but it looked like that was my only option until I learned that an Ian Dun from (myBlueScreen.com) does Data Recovery. My Maxtor hard drive didn't even spin when I plugged it in and turned it on. But Ian took and fixed it. I couldn't believe it. Blue Screen also made my laptop that I am writing this on. It is by far the best computer I have had. Thanks for the ASUS laptop and especially for getting my data back without charging me an arm and a leg. Thanks again.

  • Personalized PC
  • Data Recovery

Kevin Low, D.P.M. - Podiatrist